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Honeytraps and Sexpionage: Confessions of a Private Investigator
by Richard Martinez.

Honeytraps Private Detective and Mobile phone investigations, sexpionage, Corporate investigation, insurance fraud and integrity testing - Richard Martinez uses it all in his private detective business and reveals his surveillance secrets in this compelling book. It's not just about catching out love rats and stalking stalkers: Martinez also helps parents who want to know if their teenagers have joined gangs and women in fear for their lives if they leave abusive husbands. Often dramatic but sometimes hilarious, these true stories of a P.I.'s experiences offer insights into a morally dubious society and controversial truth-finding services.


You can also hear "THE SEXPIONAGE SONG" written and sung by Richard Martinez, via itunes website.

In addition to the above, please note below on how to carry out your own investigations.



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BLOG: The original Honeytrap / Honeytest Book - format:

Just to clarify that there maybe other Honeytrap titled books, programmes etc, but it was Richard Martinez who is the owner/MD of Expedite D.A, who first created the verbal Honeytrap / Honeytest service for the public back in 2001, and published his book about it in 2009. Any other Honeytrap / Honeytest related articles by other authors, producers etc, therefore originate from Richard Martinez' own format.

BLOG: Ashley Madison adultery site.

Canadian parent company Avid Life Media, which owns the site, has offered a reward of Canadian dollars $500,000 (£240,000) for information about the Ashley Madison hackers. Mr Biderman, a former sports lawyer, launched the website in 2001. He said at the time that he wanted to offer the same opportunities for both women and men seeking extra-marital encounters. However some of the journalists and security experts who have trawled through the leaked data say there appear to be many more male profiles than female ones. The site's name was made up of the two most popular names for baby girls in the US at the time - Ashley and Madison. But surely, encouraging adultery and therefore heartache etc, is not the most honourable of acts.


Leaders of medium/large organisations often benefit from investigators working in their workplace, by them then being able to assess the efficiency and/or integrity of their staff. An unattached/unbiased private investigator with no conflict of interest, can cater for such scenarios as employee absenteeism, fraudulent/manipulative staff, industrial espionage, mystery shopping, flytipping and more. The investing in one private investigator, can prevent many expensive &/or high profile legal cases, as well as deter &/or discover unproductive conduct.

BLOG: Human Rights/Private Life.

In the case of Niemietz v. Germany 1992 the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg held that the right to a ‘private life’ under Article 8 of the 1998 Act extends to a person’s workplace. In Niemietz the Court did not consider it possible, or necessary for that matter, to attempt an exhaustive definition of the notion of ‘private life’; instead it said:‘.....it would be too restrictive to limit the notion to an ‘inner circle’ in which the individual may live his own personal life as he chooses and to exclude therefrom entirely the outside world not encompassed within that circle. Respect for private life must also comprise to a certain degree the right to establish and develop relationships with other human beings. There appears, furthermore, to be no reason of principle why this understanding of the notion of ‘private life’ should be taken to exclude activities of a professional or business nature since it is, after all, in the course of their working lives that the majority of people have a significant, if not the greatest, opportunity of developing relationships with the outside world. This view is supported by the fact that, as was rightly pointed out by the Commission, it is not always possible to distinguish clearly which of an individual’s activities form part of his professional or business life and which do not’.

BLOG: Pi's uncovering fraud.

We now live in a society where acts of fraud are common-place and the effects of fraud can be felt by many people in many different situations. Where fraud is concerned, businesses and the work-place can be a very vulnerable place and therefore measures to protect a business or corporation against fraud has never been so important. When fraud counter-measures fall short; in order to limit loss, or recover assets, the investigative process must then take over.
Investigation Methods:
There are two different ways that a fraud investigation can start. The first type of investigation commences when an actual fraud has been uncovered, and maybe one or more offenders are identified. The second type of investigation starts with a strong suspicion of fraud, but no substantial proof that a fraud has taken place. Both types of investigations are important to anyone that takes the prevention of fraud seriously. Companies with good anti fraud protocols actively keep an eye on their systems and investigate questionable financial activity. It is definitely worth bearing in mind that the first investigation method should never be seen as any less important than the second method.

BLOG: Why the increase in numbers of Private Investigators?

It seems as though many people think snooping on their significant other’s Facebook page or checking their cell phone history makes them qualified to become a private investigator. The United Kingdom has recently experienced a huge boom in the number of PIs, and one big reason is that the proliferation of technology has made it a real cinch to check up on people.

According to one group, the number of Private Investigators in the UK has risen to 10,000, and firms in the country spent more than £5 million over the past few years on surveillance by outside organizations.

So why the big gains, and might this trend move overseas? Well, whether you’re looking for home improvement or disability lawyer information, it’s accessible on the Internet these days. That’s made many people think that they can play private investigator without any formal training. Because there is no requirement in the UK to get a license to be a private investigator just yet, people who otherwise might have pursued a different line of work feel it’s a snap to get into investigations.

BLOG: Why use a Private Investigator.

Hiring a private investigator instead of doing it yourself, saves you a large amount of personal time otherwise spent trawling through evidence and following your subject around. The private detectives will do all the hard work for you, meaning you can get on with your work, looking after your family and having a social life.

If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful, hiring a private investigator can help to obtain closure. If you are in the know then you can move on with your life. Alternatively, you can use the opportunity to fix your relationship and pinpoint what went wrong, why it went wrong and how you can improve it. However, some wish to gain evidence for court and divorce proceedings and this could significantly affect the outcome.

Private investigators are ideal for identifying a potential business partner?s past before you shake on the deal. This could save so much trouble- financially and professionally. The service can also be used to locate a client who owes you money. If you are a landlord you could use an investigator to track a tenant who is in arrears

Benefits fraud has been appearing a lot in the press lately. If your neighbour or colleague were illegally cheating the benefits system then a private investigator would be perfect for this. Photo and video evidence of those wrongly receiving benefits could save the taxpayer millions.

Hiring a private investigator could save lives. Domestic violence between spouses could turn fatal and if you suspect a friend is a victim then hiring an investigator could help bring the issue out in the open. The same can be done for child abuse and child neglect. If you are worried about the consequences of investigating a situation yourself, then a private investigator can eradicate that danger.

BLOG: Private Investigator Licensing.

It has been announced by Home Secretary Theresa May, that operating as an unlicensed private detective is to be made illegal as of autumn 2014. In the UK at the moment anyone can currently set themselves up as a private investigator, regardless of qualifications, skills or even criminal convictions. But these new Home Office Plan?s will mean that private investigators must be licensed by the Security Industry Authority after completing a training course and passing a criminality check.

The private investigation industry has needed this for a long time, with the influx of negative press and rogue private investigators we?ve all been hearing about lately. This should put an end to unprofessional and rogue investigators using illegal and illicit methods to obtain information and remove the undeserved negative stigma attached to the industry. Mrs May said: ?It is vital we have proper regulation of private investigators to ensure rigorous standards in this sector and the respect of individuals? rights to privacy. ?That is why I am announcing today the government?s intention to regulate this industry, making it a criminal offence to operate as a private investigator without a licence. ?Anyone with a criminal conviction for data protection offences can expect to have their application for a licence refused.?