Electronic Bug Removal / Transmitter Sweeping

Does someone want to know what you are saying/doing?

We can reassure you that your house, office or car is free of any hidden recording equipment. £50 plus travel per room/office/vehicle for electronic counter measure bug sweeping covering the frequency range of 10KHz to 15GHz, enabling us to locate all types of bug transmissions in the local area. Fee also includes searching for non-transmitting/ hidden video recording devices, found & removed via our lens reflector detector.
Bug Removal and Transmitter Sweeping for Surrey, London and across the UK.

Debt Recovery Service

Debtor owe you £1,000 or more, but you can’t find them &/or they just won’t pay?

By using Expedite’s trace &/or debt recovery service, we can find the debtor and then obtain results normally within 28 days, on a no find no fee basis. Our success rate is higher than most other debt collectors, as we specialize in locating missing debtors first, then we either visit the debtor relentlessly regardless of location, &/or process a court order on your behalf to arrange for further visits with greater legal powers of debt collection. Just £299 to cover initial trace and visiting fee, then 33% retained on any debt recovered, enabling you to gain the majority of what you thought you had lost forever, as well as deterring future debtors by showing that you do take effective action via this agency.

Contact our Private Investigator London Office so we can immediately start helping you obtain the information/proof you require to obtain evidence/peace of mind/justice etc.