Our head office is based on the border of SW London and Surrey, and our effective services are available locally, nationally and internationally on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis. Priced services listed below include a portable Lie Detector, Address Traces, Surveillance and Surveillance Equipment, Debt Recovery, Chaperone’s and more.


After the initial quote based on case requirements, the additional hourly rate is £50 per hour between 9am and 9pm, then £60 per hour from 9pm and 9am. Fee includes this agencies experienced staff carrying out discreet surveillance either on foot, public transport, or motorbikes/cars as required. Fee includes photos/video footage to you/the customer in real-time via WhatsApp as surveillance occurs. Typed report on our headed paper also available, as is discounted fees for repeat/bulk orders and returning customers.


£490 for full past and present profile of a new social internet acquaintance, romantic partner, lodger or staff member etc. Report in 4 days.


£200 for any UK address that we find from a name or phone number that you provide. Results now in 24 hours. No result, no fee for UK traces.

LIE DETECTOR (or also sub-contracted Polygraph)

THIS AGENCY’S LIE-DETECTOR SERVICE is £390 plus any travel, and £260 for any additional subject at the same location. This agency’s portable lie detector assesses lie’s to an accurate level as evaluated by Criminologists and used by many insurance companies. This agency’s lie-detector is based on sensors that read a person’s sweat, pulse and breathing, and includes a trained Lie-Detector operator and up to 20 questions of your choice to be asked. A print out of the results are forwarded to you within hours. Our lie detector test can be carried out either at a hired boardroom, our office or even in the privacy of our adapted vehicle/SUV which also has darkened windows. Please note that we check for any attempts to mislead the test, and also our test is not implemented on anyone deemed not to be of sound-mind, or deemed to be under the effect of any mind-altering substances, or under the age of 14. Parents consent is required from the ages of 14 to 18, and an individuals own consent is required from 18 upwards.

A SUB-CONTRACTED QUALIFIED POLYGRAPHER, can also be arranged if you require an even higher level of of accuracy with a test. Therefore the fee is higher, so do contact this agency for a quote dependant on your location and times, requirements etc.


Hired out at £40 per day/minimum of 3 days (Plus £200 fitting/removal fee + travel). Providing/fitting of a tracker which gives location details via text messaging or web-map to your mobile phone and/or pc, which we can also monitor/print off on your behalf if required. Please note 1. Our trackers are only fitted to vehicles on public property (unless customer owns private property where vehicle located) 2. Our trackers do not affect the vehicle’s performance and 3. The trackers information is a legal service when used as per article 8 of the HR Act.


£550 + travel per test using female or male Tester of your choice. Fee includes audio and video footage of test, to discover your partner’s real intentions when you are away or if you are about to make a big commitment such as getting married etc, and you want to know if the rumours of your partner chatting up others for a date are true. Also acts as an effective deterrent to keep a straying partner in line. The MD of this agency created and then implemented this service back in 2000/1, and unlike some other agencies who have taken this service to the extreme, we at Expedite D.A. Ltd have the following Honeytrap/test rules: 1. That there is no physical contact between the subject and Honeytester, ie all discussions are verbal only and in public view/on camera, 2. My staff are re-active rather than pro-active with their conversation, 3. The Integrity Test is done before the subject is under the influence of alcohol, & 4. The staff member/Honey is of a similar level of attraction as the subject. These rules ensure a fair test rather than any entrapment, and is a tool to use to aid in ensuring emotional wellbeing and a famil life under article 8 of The Human Rights Act.

MOBILE SPY-PHONE/INTERCEPT SOFTWARE (to be used as per article 8 of Human Rights Act)

Access to subject’s mobile phone is required for just several minutes to download the software via the smartphone’s internet, whereby the software is designed to be invisible once successfully installed. The software then enables you to receive the target mobile phone’s in & outgoing texts, emails, websites, GPS-location and calls. Fee is £469 for iPhones for the first 3 months and £399 for non-iPhones for the first 3 months, with the option to continue at three-quarters of the fee every 3 months thereafter. Time starts as soon as the Licenced service is provided. Fee includes customer support and uniquely our Spy-phone service means that the phone does not have to be Jail-Broken. Please note that our Spy-Phone software is designed to be invisible and does not affect the subject phone’s performance. Information from our Spy-Phone software, is to aid the customer via discreet phone surveillance to help reduce any emotional stress caused by employee, family &/or partner related concerns, as per Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.


£150 Deleted texts recovered and printed, via the sim card of the target’s mobile. Includes time, date and number texts are sent to and from.


£50 per finger print lift and comparison with target finger print. Results provided within minutes at site. Hair/Saliva also tested.


£50 per room/office/vehicle, Electronic Counter Measure bug sweeping covering the frequency range of 10KHz to 15GHz, enabling us to locate all types of bug transmissions in the local area. Fee also includes searching for non-transmitting/ hidden video recording devices, found and removed via our lens reflector detector.

BODY GUARD/CHAPERON. (Ideal for concerned parents, tourists or VIP’s)

£60 per hour for one (Sito/SIA licensed) experienced male Body Guard or £100 per hour for two (subcontracted out), minimum 3 hours hire. Fee includes planning/pre-checking of routes/premises/exits, to ensure you or your loved ones reach the required destination, either on foot, public transport or vehicle. High value items also delivered securely in person, once vetted.


Fees to be discussed. If you’re a tv-film production company requiring a specific location/property for your tv-film, then we can locate, vet and confirm availability on your behalf.


…Debts of £2k upwards are pursued effectively via our proven debt recovery procedures, with just an initial £200 admin fee then 30% of funds recovered being our fee.

If you require our services then you may well be in difficult times such as having relationship issues, so do contact us to see how we could help you with mental stress, or any of our services to help you obtain the truth.

So if you require any of the above to help you obtain the truth, peace of mind, closure, evidence to make a point, or evidence to clear your own reputation, then the procedure is firstly to contact us by e-mail/phone advising of your issue. We will then offer you our solutions for you to choose, and once agreed we will then carry out the work and update you either when concluded or even as the work is carried out, with recorded evidence being passed to you as soon as it is obtained. So do either e-mail us via or the “Contact us” page, or call our office now for a quote or further details on: 0208-669-5851 or text/call 07956-592409 (Anytime).

An approachable, efficient and confidential service is our priority.