Surveillance Investigations Background Checks

Private Investigator Surrey / London

Need discreet photographic or video evidence of someone, &/or discreet investigations?

Our proven surveillance services are carried out by highly experienced surveillance operatives, including ex-police/ex-military personnel who are able to follow people and document the sequence of events for as long as the client requires day or night. Using a combination of hi-tech surveillance equipment, male or female personnel who use established surveillance techniques, you can therefore be assured that we will not be compromised. Also our discreet investigations can penetrate further than most other organisations to obtain the evidence you require.

Minimum of £350 for four hours of surveillance/investigations (five hour minimum for £400 if in any City centre), with additional hours charged at £50 per hour for us to carry out surveillance either on foot, public transport, motorbikes or cars as required. Fee includes photos/video footage and detailed report/diary of events, with updates available for customer even whilst surveillance is in progress. Only two thirds payment required in advance, with the remaining third paid on completion. Travel to/from location charged at £50 per hour plus any Congestion/Ulez etc fees. Any travel during any mobile-surveillance, charged at £2 per mile travelled.


Need to know if someone is an asset or risk to you, your family, property or company? Detailed Background report covering up to twelve categories listed below, which can help you decide what action to take with a new social dating partner, a potential spouse, a divorcee, employee or lodger etc.

  • Bankruptcy/ judgments
  • Civil court records/ cases*
  • Driving history*
  • Criminal convictions*
  • Prior employment history
  • Verify education
  • Credit history
  • Marriage History
  • Address History
  • Verify aliases
  • Known associates
  • Current Assets.

Fees start from £490 and our reports can save you much, much more both in time, money &/or heartache. Most reports available within 6 days (subjects marked * above would require the subject’s consent).

Contact our Private Investigator London Office so we can immediately start helping you obtain the information/proof you require to find peace of mind/justice etc.