8 hours worth of ONLINE VIDEOS to keep, teaching YOU how to be an exciting & profitable PRIVATE-DETECTIVE, even from your home, full or part-time & low to zero running-costs. Learn the Regulations, Tactics, Admin, Gadgets & more. Support & Pi Diploma awarded on completion. Money back if not satisfied. 

by RICHARD MARTINEZ Dip Pi  (as seen on TV)

Proud to be a preferred supplier to the “MINISTRY OF DEFENCE” – Career Transition Partnership.

The INFORMATION PACKED Online course of bite-size videos totalling 8 hours, is suitable for anyone (From no previous experience or qualifications to ex-Service Personnel or current Pi’s), & will provide everything you need to know to set up an exciting & profitable Pi business from your home or office, full or part-time, FOREVER. Purchase today to learn & then start with low to zero running-costs (just your smart-phone can suffice). So benefit now from the reduced one-time fee of £197 in the UK, or approximately €227 Euros in Europe, or $274 Dollars in the USA, or $305 Oz Dollars in Australia.

First 7 of 14 roles of my Private Detective Agency business, in detail.

1. Domestic/Commercial Surveillance
2. Tracing missing persons
3. Process Serving
4. Vehicle Tracking
5. Background Checks
6. Honey/Integrity Testing
7. Chaperoning/Security

Last 7 of 14 roles of my Private Detective Agency business, in detail.

8. Spy-phones
9. Text Recovery
10. Forensics
11. Electronic Debugging
12. Fingerprint lifting
13.Debt Recovery
14. Facial & Electronic Lie- Detectors.

All the surveillance equipment needed, & how/when to use them.

Surveillance Equipment
Spy phone Software
PC Password Breakers & PC Loggers
Day & Night Vision Cameras inc Drones, Body & Road Furniture cameras
Vehicle Trackers
Electronic De-Bugging

Private Detective Methods & Tactics, including the ‘MOA’ procedure.

Evidence Board System
Interview & Questioning Techniques
MOA Formula and Case Studies
Physical Surveillance Methods

Rules & Regulations to follow in your new Private Detective Agency.

Regulations To Follow In Your PI Business
Surveillance & International Surveillance Rules
General Data Protection Regulations
Regulations That Allow A PI To Gain Evidence

Networking, Advertising & Letter Templates.

Network Advertising & Letter Templates
Identifying PI Networks
How To Advertise Your Business Services
( GDPR Terms and Conditions see Module 5)

Business Administration efficiency, to maximise profit.

Business Admin and Efficiency to maximise profits
Basic PI Business Procedure
Business Type Record Keeping
Low-Cost Home or Office Set-up options & Staffing
Admin Letter Templates
Customer Service

Adapted Pi methods to further increase revenue.

How to adapt Pi methods to increase revenue even further.
Unique 15th Pi Service.
Environmental Status, Financial Benefits and
Environmental tips for your PI Business

Expedite Detective Agency was started in 2000 by the MD Richard Martinez Dip Pi. Richard was previously a RAF reserve officer with a Powered Private Pilots Licence. Richard has helped numerous members of the public, Vip’s & Celebrities over the years, and has various vehicles & relevantly experienced staff available as the work load governs. As well as complying with legal regulations, Richard Martinez also encourages positive environmental initiatives as well as donating to charities.

This Pi agency & it’s Pi training course, has also been vetted & credited by the uk MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, as their preferred supplier for Service people/veterans etc. As well as a full syllabus & several free Bonuses, this Pi training course uniquely also includes Pi Business Admin with templates, enabling you to put all of the regulations and proven Pi methods to effective use in the information packed Online videos.

MD Richard Martinez Dip Pi has kept a look out besides MP Boris Johnson as per video below, as well as appearing on many radio and TV shows such as in the video further below.
Expedite DA Limited is also ICO and Companies House registered, as well as being a member to several PI associations.

Richard Martinez is also the author of the popular book, Confessions of a PI.

For more details on the MD & his Media appearances, do view the profile page.

Expedite Detective Agency Profile


A Pi DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE (& “Dip Pi” after your name)

Once you have completed this course, you are awarded our Pi DIPLOMA Certificate, & are then entitled to add “Dip Pi” after your name (recognised by Expedite DA Limited, as advised by the UK Open University).


This unique book of Pi confessions, gives examples of how cheats and players are caught, using the latest private eye techniques and equipment, as well as showing how not to get caught! Readers have stated that it is captivating, and when combined with the accompanying Pi training course, should empower you to even higher levels of success.


A bullet point check-list of reminders, to ensure that you have everything you need to quickly and effectively action any of the Private Investigation services.


Gain un-restricted access to our exclusive Pi Facebook Master Group, anywhere & at anytime. So you can network/get to know other new Pi’s who have also studied this course, thereby enabling you to discuss any Pi issues as well as subcontract Pi work to each other.

FREE with the above course, otherwise order your own popular book separately about this agency’s captivating experiences called “Honeytraps and Sexpionage: Confessions of a Private Investigator” by our MD & author Richard Martinez Dip Pi.

Honeytraps Private Detective and Mobile phone investigations, sexpionage, Corporate investigation, insurance fraud and integrity testing – Richard Martinez uses it all in his private detective business and reveals his surveillance secrets in this compelling book. It’s not just about catching out love rats and stalking stalkers: Martinez also helps parents who want to know if their teenagers have joined gangs and women in fear for their lives if they leave abusive husbands. Often dramatic but sometimes hilarious, these true stories of a P.I.’s experiences offer insights into a morally dubious society and controversial truth-finding services.


You can also hear “THE SEXPIONAGE SONG” written and sung by Richard Martinez, via itunes website.

Please note that SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, you can also apply for relevant roles with this Pi Agency.

Honeytraps and Sexpionage Book - Richard Martinez
Honeytraps and Sexpionage Front Page - Richard Martinez

Lesley, Surrey.

“So glad I contacted your detective agency. You got me the proof I needed quickly and discreetly.”

Rosey, Sussex.

“Thanks for your thorough work. You really put my mind at ease.”

Vladislav, Eastern Europe.

“I’m looking forward to establishing my new Pi business via the R.Martinez Pi course, in my country.”