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Unlike other private detective agencies, full fee is only required once our work is complete. Click below for more details on our various confidential & proven legal services, or contact our 24/7 Office on 0208-669-5851 or use our confidential form so we can immediately start helping you obtain the information/proof you require, to find peace of mind/justice etc. No Pi job too big or too small.

Established since 2000 & a member of several Pi associations. Expedite Detective Agency Ltd is also Companies House & ICO registered. The MD Richard Martinez Dip Pi, has been an Officer in the RAF reserves, appeared on many Radio & Tv Shows as per ‘Profile Page’ menu link above, as well as having his Pi book published & online Pi TRAINING COURSE available to all, via the Pi Training/Book link also above.

Surveillance Investigations / Background Checks

Lie Detector and Vehicle Tracking

Deleted Text Message Recovery

Mobile Phone Intercept Software

Integrity Testers / Mystery Shoppers

Traces, 24 hr Results – No Find, No Fee

Counter Surveillance (Bug Removal)

Print Lifting / DNA Testing

Guards / Chaperones

Debt Recovery & More

Hiring Expedite Private Detective Agency.

Your private investigation enquiry will not surprise us, as we are an established agency since 2000, with proven methods in surveillance, investigations, traces and more. As a result of our success, this agency/our MD has been on several private detective related TV & radio interviews , as well as working for government organisations, vip’s, solicitors, large private companies & private individuals/family Divorces etc, we also deliver legal documents (Process Serving), give evidence in courts & even assist in missing dog cases.

Big or small, Expedite detective agency caters for all national and international enquiries, including address/phone finding-trace requests taking just 24-48 hours to conclude, on a no find no fee basis. Expedite Detective Agency has discreetly resolved every investigation that you can imagine, with customers often returning and/or referring us to others. Our detective – investigation fees are listed on our Private Detective Services page, with loyalty discounts for returning customers. So do contact this agency anytime, either via phone, text, email or form.

NOTE: Confidentiality is our priority, hence why Vip’s/celebrities also use our services as per this agency’s profile page.

Our “21 tips on how to know if you are being cheated on,” are e-mailed to you for free on request when you complete the “contact us” page with your enquiry.

HONEYTRAPS & SEXPIONAGE: Confessions Of A Private Investigator.

Honeytraps and Sexpionage Book - Richard Martinez
Honeytraps and Sexpionage Front Page - Richard Martinez

By Richard Martinez.

The MD of Expedite Detective Agency has published a popular book about further private detective-investigation tactics and his own personal experiences as a Private Detective.

Available in softback or kindle, online via Austin Macauley and Amazon

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Lesley, Surrey.

“So glad I contacted your detective agency. You got me the proof I needed quickly and discreetly.”

Rosey, Sussex.

Thanks for your thorough work. You really put my mind at ease.

Vladislav, Eastern Europe.

“I’m looking forward to establishing my new Pi business via the R.Martinez Pi course, in my country.”