Honey Trap – Integrity Testing UK

Determine a Partner’s Real Intentions:

Like to know what your partner/future spouse does at a party/club/bar when you’re not around?

Expedite Detective Agency created and started the first commercial honeytrap service for the general public back in 2002, and the Managing Director has spoken of his honeytrap creation in the media and in his book. Therefore our Honeytrap service is the most established and experienced service available.

Some reasons why you may require our fair but effective Honeytrap Service are: 1. To find out if they would cheat on you & so obtain your own reassurance/peace of mind. 2. To avoid entering a big commitment after finding they would cheat. 3. To obtain Pre-nuptial reassurance. 4. To prove the subjects level of integrity to family &/or friends. 5. To obtain evidence to leave an unhappy relationship/marriage.

Ensuring a fair assessment of subject’s integrity/intentions,  WITHOUT physical contact or entrapment.

Once you provide venue details and photo of subject, including what their tastes/interests are, our honeytrap team which includes the honey tester plus two surveillance staff, would then attend the venue in advance of the subject arriving. Our guidelines are that the integrity test is only carried out : 1. Before the subject is overly intoxicated with alcohol, 2. That the venue/scenario is where couples would normally meet to socialize, & 3. That our tester is more reactive rather than proactive, so as to avoid any entrapment issues. 4. That there is no physical contact at any time. The meeting/test is recorded, and the recording is provided to you along with the tester’s own report of their observations. Any phone calls/texts from the subject to the honey/tester after the test, is passed to you immediately along with the sim card so that you know further contact cannot be made thereafter. Our fee is £550 plus travel, which includes your choice from our selection of male or female Honeys/models of all looks.


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