Determine an identity within minutes, via FINGER PRINT LIFTING /DNA SAMPLING

£50 plus travel per finger print lifted.  & £30 for comparison with target finger print. Results provided within minutes at site. Hair/Saliva also tested. Additional fee if Forensic Laboratory is required to compare prints against national fingerprint database.


BODY GUARD/CHAPERON. (Ideal for concerned parents, tourists or VIP’s)

£60 per hour for one (Sito/SIA licensed) experienced male Body Guard or £100 per hour for two (subcontracted out), minimum 3 hours hire. Fee includes planning/pre-checking of routes/premises/exits, to ensure you or your loved ones reach the required destination, either on foot, public transport or vehicle. High value items also delivered securely in person, once vetted.

Contact our Private Investigator London Office so we can immediately start helping you find the information/proof you require to obtain evidence/peace of mind/justice etc.