LIE DETECTOR (or also sub-contracted Polygraph). Need to know if someone is lying or need to prove your innocence?

This agency’s portable lie detector assesses lie’s to an accurate level as evaluated by Criminologists. Whilst this agency’s lie-detector is based on sensors that read a person’s sweat, pulse and breathing, it is still NOT AS ACCURATE AS A POLYGRAPH and our procedures are not the same as a Polygraphers, hence the reduced fee, which includes an Online Trained Lie-Detector operator and up to 20 questions of your choice to be asked, as well as a print out of the results forwarded to you within hours. Our lie detector test can be carried out either at a hired boardroom, our office or even in the privacy of our adapted vehicle/SUV which also has darkened windows. Please note that we check for any attempts to mislead the test, and also our test is not implemented on anyone deemed not to be of sound-mind, or deemed to be under the effect of any mind-altering substances, or under the age of 14. Parents consent is required from the ages of 14 to 18, and an individuals own consent is required from 18 upwards.

A SUB-CONTRACTED QUALIFIED POLYGRAPHER, can also be arranged if you require an even higher level of of accuracy with a test. Therefore the fee is higher, so do contact this agency for a quote dependant on your location and times, requirements etc.

Lie Detector Test Certificate Expedite Detective Agency

Lie detector test cost just £390 plus any travel for one/first subject, and £260 per additional subject if at same location.

Rent our GPS car tracking device

Need to know where someone is, instantly?

Our vehicle tracking service will show you where the subject’s vehicle is at any time, either from your smartphone, PC or via us printing/forwarding the details to you ourselves. Please note 1. Our trackers are only fitted to vehicles on public property (unless customer owns private property where vehicle located) 2. Our trackers do not affect the vehicle’s performance and 3. The trackers information is to aid the customers further surveillance on emotional/family related concerns.

Our trackers are hired out at just £40 per day/minimum of 3 days (Plus £200 fitting/removal fee + travel). Accuracy of tracking is within two metres. Do contact us if further information is required.

Contact our Private Investigator London Office so we can immediately start helping you obtain the information/proof you require to find peace of mind/justice etc.