Are More People Turning To Private Detectives?

With police forces across the UK under significant pressure and being forced to prioritise which cases they investigate and which they let fall by the wayside, a growing number of people are turning to private detectives and security services for assistance.

In an article for the Guardian, Sonia Sodha pointed out that there are a growing number of people and businesses who are investing in their own security. This is currently only an option for those with money though, and she expressed concern that it could lead to a rise in vigilante behaviour.

Police chiefs Sara Thornton and Cressida Dick recently suggested that the country’s law enforcement would have to prioritise what they investigate, with the likes of minor theft and drug taking in private taking a backseat to violent crime and drug supplying, for instance.

Although Ms Sodha agreed that it’s necessary for the police to prioritise, she added that this doesn’t make you feel any better when it’s your home that’s been broken into, or your family member who’s missing.

This could see more people turning to a private detective in London to help solve lower-level crimes and bring private prosecutions, or enlisting the help of a private detective when someone they care about goes missing.

Given that acting chief inspector Sally DeHaan recently described the number of missing person cases in London as “unsustainable”, it seems that even the police want more people could turn to private detectives in the first instance and only call on the authorities further down the line if necessary.