Are These Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating?

A partner cheating on you is incredibly hurtful, but if you suspect that your other half is being unfaithful there are a few signs you can look out for.

Elite Daily recently shared some things to watch at bedtime which could be an indication that your partner is being unfaithful. However, the article notes that the key is to look for a change in behaviour. If you read the following suggestions and your boyfriend or girlfriend has always behaved this way, there’s nothing for you to worry about.

First up is someone starting to work later, and for this to continue for a number of weeks. It could be that they have a big project on at work, which means they need to put in longer hours, but if you suspect this isn’t true you may want to look for other signs.

Another sign is that, although they’re at home, they’re going to bed later than you. If they’re cheating, this could allow them to text or speak to someone else. This is a particular red flag if they’re actively avoiding going to bed at the same time as you.

Similarly, if you notice your significant other is on their phone late at night a lot, and that’s not normal behaviour, this could be another sign they’re being unfaithful.

However, several dating and relationship experts spoke to the news provider and stressed that you should always talk to your partner about why their behaviour may have changed rather than instantly accusing them of cheating on you.

Work Christmas parties are a common time for someone to be unfaithful, with a survey published last month revealing that one in three people would cheat on their partner at the festive do.

If you still aren’t sure about their fidelity you could hire a private detective in Surrey to find out if they’re being unfaithful.