Australian Parents Spendings Thousands On ‘End-Of-School Spying’

It’s not the usual job that a private investigator would get called for in Surrey, but according to the Daily Mail, some Australian parents are spending as much as $10,000 on detectives to spy on their teenage children during something known as ‘Schoolies’.

‘Schoolies’ or ‘Schoolies Week’ refers to week long holidays that take place before high school graduates final exams, in late November to early December, and while once the preserve of single sex private schools, it’s now a cultural rite of passage for young Australians across the country.

However, this festival also comes with a reputation for being somewhat wild, as the young adults are often staying away from home, and a quick scout of videos of ‘Schoolies’ online will turn up a good idea of the sort of trouble that can arise during the holidays.

According to one Australian private investigator, many wealthy parents are guarantors on expensive rental apartments, and are keen for their children not to run up a potentially higher bill of damage.

The detectives observe from a distance, and report back on any topics the parents ask to be covered – and for some, no subjects are out of bounds. They are treated like a ‘safety net’, not there to be directly involved, but able to inform parents of any issues, or the local police if necessary.

A typical ‘Schoolies’ job is thought to cost from $1,500 to $6,000, but sometimes international trips to the likes of Bali or Fiji are required, meaning two investigators are needed, racking up bills up to $10,000.0