Does Your Partner Beat These Cheat Tests?

Nothing is worse than having the nagging suspicion that your partner is cheating – and many of the people who hire a private detective in London are vindicated by what they discover. If you want a step between your suspicions and proper investigation, The Daily Mail has a rundown of the best tests you can use to help discover if your partner has something to hide.

Evaluate their body language – test this by showing up at their work on their lunch break unannounced and see what their reaction is. Are they acting uncomfortably or trying to get rid of you?

Gain access to your partners phone by planning with a friend to call your partner’s phone while you’re with them. Then, once they’ve spoken, tell your friend ask to speak to you and once you’re handed the phone walk away or go into another room and take this opportunity to check phone logs, texts and emails. Plan your friend calling when your partner is using their phone so you can ensure it’s unlocked.

There are location monitoring apps you can download onto your partner’s phone to use to monitor their movements. Ask where they are off to before they leave and checking if they’re telling the truth or not.

You know your partner, so you’ll be able to detect an unusual scent on them. When they return home after a time you suspect they’ve been cheating, rush up to greet them at the door by hugging and kissing. See if they pull away or seem uncomfortable this could be a sign of guilt. Check pockets for suspicious receipts, bank statements and also phone bills.