Ex-Detective Calls For More Funding To Solve Madeleine McCann Case

The case of missing girl Madeleine McCann has baffled both police and private investigators for the last 11 years, but one former detective says the story needs to be solved by spending more money on it.

Former counter-terror detective David Videcette told Good Morning Britain’s viewers that the case should not be closed, even though Madeleine has been missing since May 2007.

Instead, the Mirror quoted him as saying: “If she had been abducted, then we need to catch whoever did that because it will happen again.”

The expert was speaking in response to the news that more than £11.6 million has been spent on trying to find Madeleine ever since she disappeared from her family’s Portugal holiday flat aged three.

Founding member of Scotland Yard’s undercover unit Peter Bleksley argued that “we are unable to solve [the case]”, and the resources would be better spent to help find other missing persons.

However, Mr Videcette responded by saying: “However much money we spend on this case, we’ll save on the next case if we catch that person and that’s where we need to look at.”

This comes after the Home Office is considering an application from the Metropolitan Police Service for more money to fund the search for Madeleine, who would now be 15 years old.

The case was originally handled by Portuguese police before being handed over to the Met Police in 2013 after little progress.

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