Expedite D.A.’s Top 5 Detective Store gadgets available via www.detective-store.com

Different needs require different devices, but Expedite Detective Agency’s MD Richard Martinez Dip Pi, gives his following reasons for his top 5 Detective Store gadgets available via www.detective-store.com: 5. Disposable Diagnostic tests that can test for alcohol and drugs, help detect and deter illegal activities. 4. Covert transmitters-recording Devices/Electronic Bugs, will help you ensure your staff or family are behaving, while you are away. 3. Electronic Bug Detectors, will reassure you that your business premises/vehicles etc, are free of snooping commercial competitors/espionage etc.   2.  Detective Store’s Forensics section, that range from computer information retrieval to fingerprinting kits, all help customers obtain evidence and find the truth.  1. And my favourite Detective Store gadget, are their gadgets, are their creatively hidden micro camera’s, covertly worn in person so that you can spontaneously capture evidence in progress, in the interest of justice.