Have You Heard Of The Herbert Protocol?

If you have a loved one who suffers from dementia or a serious mental health condition there will no doubt be times when you’re worried about their wellbeing – especially if they’ve gone out on their own and failed to return home when they should.

Finding missing persons who suffer from these conditions is often a race against time. This is where the Herbert Protocol comes in.

It’s now a national scheme in the UK, and is currently being introduced locally in North Wales. Under the scheme, family members and carers are encouraged to share personal details and useful information that could be used should their loved one go missing.

This can include everything from a description and recent photograph, to details of their general routine and any places they might visit frequently.

Under the Herbert Protocol, the family can complete a form and this key information is then stored somewhere it can be easily accessed should anyone need it. The idea is that it can then be easily and quickly passed among the authorities should someone go missing.

Neil Ayling, chief officer for social services at Flintshire Council and chairman of the North Wales Adults Safeguarding Board, commented: “The protocol can help to reassure their family and friends that, if their loved one does go missing, the information can be passed through swiftly and there is a greater chance of finding them quickly.”

It’s not only in North Wales where the Herbert Protocol is being introduced. Last month the Wiltshire police revealed that they planned to trial the scheme in Swindon, the Swindon Advertiser reported.

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