How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

Of course you want to have blind faith in the people in your life but there may well come a time when your suspicions are aroused, for whatever reason. It can be very difficult to know if someone is being honest with you or not, so here are a few ways in which you may be able to tell if you’re being lied to or not.


Body language is a big cue when it comes to lying so the next time you’re together, see if you can pick up on anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes, people will slump or slouch as they lie – whereas when someone is being honest their body tends to be more open.

Lack of eye contact

When someone is being deceitful it can often be hard for them to look the other person in the eye. This is a big non-verbal cue that you’re dealing with some dishonesty.

Story inconsistencies

Listen to what they’re saying and pay close attention to the story, as it could be easier to catch them in a lie than you might think. If you notice an inconsistency, call them out on it – and see how they react.

Defensive responses

If you go so far as to accuse someone of lying, see how they react when you do. Dishonest people will often be very defensive, whereas someone telling the truth may well just be a bit offended.

Trust your instincts

Gut feelings can be very helpful, particularly if you’re not a naturally suspicious person. Don’t just ignore these feelings you’re experiencing – you might well be onto something.

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