Is Your Other Half A Gaslighter?

The thought that your significant other may be being unfaithful doesn’t just come out of nowhere – there will always be something that arouses your suspicion, whatever that may be.

If you do have concerns such as these, it may well be that your partner is a ‘gaslighter’ – a new term that’s popped up over the last few months to refer to someone who makes others question their own version of reality.

It’s a particularly nasty tactic designed to give the gaslighter in question even more power than they already hold. The gaslighter will give false information to their victim in order to make them question their perception of what’s happened and even their own memory.

So how can you spot a gaslighter when one’s standing right in front of you? Psychology Today has listed some of the warning signs for those in relationships who are becoming a bit suspicious, including telling blatant lies, or denying they ever said something even if you have proof that they did.

It’s also important to note the magazine’s point that a gaslighter will do all they can to wear you down over time, gradually introducing little lies occasionally or snide comments.

“Even the brightest, most self-aware people can be sucked into gaslighting – it is that effective. It’s the ‘frog in the frying pan’ – analogy: The heat is turned up slowly, so the frog never realizes what’s happening to it,” it was observed.

It’s certainly worth having a read of the Psychology Today article to see if any of the points resonate with you. And also check out this BBC article featuring a self-confessed gaslighter, which could also help you decide whether or not you’re in this kind of relationship.

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