Lie Detector Tests Take Centre Stage In Love Island!

There’s no doubt that Love Island is one of the most frivolous shows on television at the moment but as entertainment goes, you certainly can’t fault it. And one of the most recent episodes saw the male contestants on the programme undergo lie detector tests, with the questions set by their respective other halves.

The results were certainly interesting and definitely caused a few rifts between the partners here and there, most notably between Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham, the most popular couple on the island and favourites to win the entire series this year.

But should the ladies have lost their tempers with their other halves when they didn’t receive the answers they were looking for and how much stock can you actually put in these tests in the first place?

Speaking to BBC’s Newsbeat, Don Cargill – who has carried out tests like these on other TV shows such as Trisha – explained: “There’s a lot to them. The polygraph only measures fact, so you can’t ask about what someone intends to do. You have to ask something specific, like ‘did you have sex with someone other than your wife during the marriage’.”

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