Man Hires Private Investigator To Catch Brother’s Killer

When tragedy occurs, you’d hope that the police would be able to apprehend the person who has done you wrong – but sometimes, for whatever reason, this isn’t the case and the criminal gets away with the crime. But it’s heartening to hear that there is something you can do if you do want to take matters into your own hands to a certain extent.

According to the Dundee Evening Telegraph, the brother of a man who was killed on a night out has decided to do just that, hiring a private investigator to try and track down the person or people responsible for his death.

Bruce McMurchie made the decision after his brother – former security guard and father of five John – died from a stab wound to the heart while out celebrating his birthday in Fintry. Despite almost 1,000 witness statements being taken by police, his killer has never been caught.

Bruce said: “The police have failed – they have let us down. They let his killer get away – it is so frustrating. If I get a private investigator involved, then they may get to the bottom of this. I keep saying to myself, I have to keep going – I have to get justice for John.”

There may well come a time in the future where you do feel similarly to Bruce and think the police can no longer help you with whatever has taken place. In that case, you could benefit from hiring a private detective in Surrey to see if they can do what the police can’t. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.