One In Three Brits ‘Cheat At Xmas Party’

One in three Brits has admitted that they have cheated on their partner at a Christmas party. In a survey for the Sun on Sunday, and shared by the Express, 90 per cent of those who had cheated also revealed that their partner had never found out.

What’s more, nearly half of those who cheated at a Christmas party continued to see their new lover behind their partner’s back after the festive season was over.

And it’s not just Brits who seem to be more prone to cheating at this time of the year. A survey conducted by, a website to help people find affairs, found that 57 per cent of those questioned admitted to cheating with a co-worker at a work Christmas party.

Insider shared the findings of the survey, noting that 85 per cent also reported having more feelings of passion and excitement over the festive period, which drove them to cheat.

Christian Grant, a spokesperson for the platform, commented: “Sexual tensions which have been bubbling up over the course of the working year finally explode due to drink and the opportunity to grab a kiss under the mistletoe.”

Much like the British survey, many didn’t regret their actions, with just 32 per cent saying that they felt remorse. By contrast, 46 per cent admitted to continuing their affair after the holiday period.

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