PI Helps Kerry Katona Find Long-Lost Brother

Former Atomic Kitten songstress Kerry Katona has a private detective to thank for being able to track down her biological family, with an emotional Instagram post revealing that she had just spoken to her half-brother for the first time.

According to the Daily Mirror, the 38-year-old singer enlisted the services of a private investigator to find her biological father, happy enough at the time to be given a picture and video of him. But she reportedly regretted not going to meet him after finding out he had died.

To ensure that no more time is wasted, Kerry now has plans in place to meet up with her half-brother – which her fans responded to warmly, taking to social media to post supportive comments such as “so amazing, so happy for you nothing is stronger than sibling love”, and “I hope everything works out for you Kerry you deserve to be happy”.

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