Pi’s uncovering fraud

We now live in a society where acts of fraud are common-place and the effects of fraud can be felt by many people in many different situations. Where fraud is concerned, businesses and the work-place can be a very vulnerable place and therefore measures to protect a business or corporation against fraud has never been so important. When fraud counter-measures fall short; in order to limit loss, or recover assets, the investigative process must then take over.

Investigation Methods:
There are two different ways that a fraud investigation can start. The first type of investigation commences when an actual fraud has been uncovered, and maybe one or more offenders are identified. The second type of investigation starts with a strong suspicion of fraud, but no substantial proof that a fraud has taken place. Both types of investigations are important to anyone that takes the prevention of fraud seriously.

Companies with good anti fraud protocols actively keep an eye on their systems and investigate questionable financial activity. It is definitely worth bearing in mind that the first investigation method should never be seen as any less important than the second method.