Private Detective Helps Save Woman From ‘Sinister’ Ex

A 29-year-old has been jailed for 15 months for stalking his former girlfriend of three and a half years, after the woman hired a private detective – who succeeded in finding a tracking device in the form of an iPhone that had been hidden in a toiletries bag and left in her car.

According to the Sun, Luke Procter was also given an indefinite restraining order that prohibits him from contacting his ex, as well as being in breach of a suspended sentence for breaking a restraining order.

Commenting on the case at Plymouth Crown Court, Judge James Townsend noted that there was “something sinister about [the tracking device] and it caused her distress”.

The court heard how the female victim’s suspicions were aroused regarding Proctor after she drove to visit one of her friends and spotted him on the same estate at the same time.

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