Private Detective One Of UK’s ‘Dream Jobs’

Let’s face it – we’ve all found out a bit of juicy gossip at one time or another and considered a job as a private investigator, but when you’re on the mean streets of London trying to track down a potentially dangerous individual, it can be far from a dream.

However, despite this, the job of private investigator has been claimed as one of the UK’s top 10 dream jobs, according to job recruitment site Indeed. As reported by the Mirror, becoming a private detective features at number three on the list, only being beat out by the idea of becoming a model or a fashion buyer. Unfortunately, however, it seems that being a model pays better than being a private investigator!

Becoming a private investigator will also mean working irregular hours – often long nights – and spending a lot of time travelling. And, while the work in undoubtedly engaging, it can also be upsetting, depending on what case you are employed to work on. You have to been self-driven in this profession also, especially as you are likely to be working for yourself.

Bill Richards, from Indeed, said that the study was designed to show that: “Having a job that allows us to feel truly fulfilled is something worth chasing, and it can be mutually beneficial.” And while the role of private detective is only really something you can do as a self-employed person, if you find yourself with that professional curiosity, make sure that you look for a role that satisfies that itch.