Private Detectives Expose Drinks Firm For Misleading Marketing

When you think of private detectives in London and elsewhere, you typically think of them being hired to find out if a partner is doing the dirty on their other half… but there are many reasons for enlisting their help, as has just been revealed by the North Wales Daily Post.

Apparently, private investigators were able to blow the lid off a case of misleading marketing by drinks wholesaler Dawsons (Wales), a company that sold beer kegs with the incorrect best before date on them to businesses in Gwynedd.

The firm admitted four charges and was subsequently fined over £11,000. Prosecutor Julia Longworth confirmed that officers were given information from private investigators who were acting on behalf of Heineken, which was concerned about Dawsons’ practice of relabelling.

Bench chairman Peter Evans was quoted by the news source as saying: “We have considered the charges against the company and find a financial penalty to be appropriate. We find the acts to be reckless causing harm to the community and possible harm to public health.”

So as you can see, hiring a detective of this kind can prove to be very beneficial indeed if you do find yourself in a situation where information is not forthcoming. Other reasons to enlist such services include tracing a long-lost friend or relative, the need for expert surveillance to follow the movements of a certain person (such as a teenager who is suspected of doing drugs), or even following a member of staff who is off work with a long-term illness but who may not be telling the truth.

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