Reducing the increasing Knife Crime rate.

The Government’s London knife crime strategy is broken into 6 stages:

  1. Targeting lawbreakers
  2. Offering ways out of crime
  3. Keeping deadly weapons off our streets
  4. Protecting and educating young people
  5. Standing with communities, neighbourhoods and families against knife crime
  6. Supporting victims of knife crime.

But maybe, during current low Police resources, the Government should also mobilise the public as follows:

1. Ensure under 16’s are limited in playing violent tv games, as many tv games rewards young players to be violent, trains the young players in how to be violent, & de-sensitises the young player into violence.

2. Increase the knife crime penalty, if the knifer is a repeat offender & also if the knife crime is race &/or religion motivated.

3. Suggest that all able-bodied members of the public, can rally to the aid of a victim in a knife attack.

4. Mobilse ex-Service people, to become Private Detectives via