South Yorkshire Police Reveals Plans For Lie Detector Tests

Criminals in South Yorkshire will have a further hurdle to get them out of trouble, after the police revealed its plans to expand its use of lie detector tests to help them determine whether people they have arrested are telling the truth.

South Yorkshire Police has advertised for a lie detector test operator to work with the force in its attempt to identify sex offenders in the area.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Polygraph is a growing area of policing which attracts recognition for its use in the identification and on-going management of risk.”

It was added that this job presents a good opportunity to work in a challenging position, with the additional benefit of being able “to have a real impact”.

“This role has the potential to expand in supporting other areas of policing,” the police went on to say.

The employee will not only use the polygraph to identify and manage sex offenders, but also provide advice regarding lie detector capabilities and handling restrictions in line with national guidelines and laws.

Prospective candidates for the job had until August 9th to apply for the exciting opportunity to help South Yorkshire Police and get full training on using polygraph equipment.

While this role will help expand the force’s use of lie detection devices, these tests have been carried out by the department for some time.

According to The Star, it has already conducted 250 polygraph examinations, and along with Hertfordshire police, it was the first squad to use lie detector tests.

If you are interested in using lie detector tests in Surrey, you might be keen to know these systems have been recently employed by Love Island producers.

The reality TV contestants were subject to a series of questions set by their partners to determine whether they were lying or not, BBC News reported.