The Psychology Of A Cheater Explained

If you’re having suspicions about what your partner is up to, then you might consider hiring a private detective in London to give you some answers. The psychology behind a cheater is undoubtedly a complicated one, but this article by Bustle gives a professional opinion on how and why they operate, and might provide some insight into your suspicions on your partner.

If your partner cheats, there will be more going on than just the cheating itself. There may be deep rooted issues such as anger and frustration and not wanting to confront problems in your relationship. By cheating this can be an outlet to escape and forget about any issues your partner doesn’t feel confident enough to deal with.

Occasionally, anger may be a motivation for cheating. When a partner cheats, it could be that they feel the relationship has reached breaking point, whether that be issues with money, children or lifestyle. The person may cheat to have some control when all other aspects of their life feel out of control.

Sometimes, in a cheater’s head, a comparison may be made between what they’re doing to something their partner is doing in the relationship that’s not making them feel happy, and they are using cheating as a way of revenge. They could also be going out of their way to cheat to get caught and provoke a reaction from their partner.

Sometimes people will see what they’re doing as only sex, convincing themselves that it’s not a big deal and believe that they’ve done nothing wrong in the situation. If you aren’t married they could also use the excuse to convince themselves that it doesn’t matter – which is something you’re sure to disagree with.