These Are The New Signs Your Partner Might Be Cheating On

There will be many little things you notice about your partner in a relationship that may lead you to seeking out lie detector services in Surrey, but over time, these signs have changed from the cliché lipstick on the collar.

These signs have been revealed by new research reported by the Metro, commissioned by new DVD Finding Your Feet.

The biggest giveaway, according to the research, is when a partner starts receiving texts and calls in the middle of the night – this may also manifest itself as turning their phone off. They are also more likely to keep their phone by their side at all times. Changing their passcode on their phone, and keeping passwords secret may also be a sign.

A lot of signs are also grooming related. Applying fake tan more regularly and using a new aftershave and perfume is considered a bad sign by many people. Changing up their wardrobe and buying a raft of new clothes is also considered to be suspicious behaviour.

Cheating also isn’t cheap, so noticing any unexplained bank transactions and charges may be a sign – especially if its a hotel or a extra phone bill.

However, these aren’t the only forms that people believe the signs of cheating come in – they’re often disguised as more positive experiences. If your partner starts to buy you more gifts, or wants more sex, whether that’s from cult or just a boosted libido.

Seven per cent even said they saw signs of cheating in their partner after they started eating new foods they wouldn’t try before – the devil really is in the detail when it comes to spotting a cheat.