What Do You Class As Cheating?

Sometimes in a relationship you can have different definitions of the same thing. When it comes to cheating, that could be a problem.

The Metro recently shared the results of a survey from Ashley Madison, the dating website for people who are looking for affairs, which found that our definition of cheating can vary quite a bit.

Top of the list was forming a deep emotional bond with someone else, with 55 per cent of those questioned stating that they’d class this as cheating. Note that this doesn’t make any mention of a physical relationship.

Next was sending naked pictures of yourself to someone other than your partner, which 46 per cent would class as being unfaithful, followed closely by sending erotic messages.

Also on the list were maintaining an online dating profile, spending time with an ex partner and 18 per cent even believed that going out to dinner with someone of the opposite sex would be cheating.

But if you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, what should you do? If you want to uncover the deception, there are a number of tests you can do to help you work out whether your loved one is cheating on you.

Looking carefully at their body language, especially if you turn up unexpectedly in places, is one suggestion. Another is to put a location monitoring app on your partner’s phone to see if they’re telling the truth about their movements.

If you’re convinced that they’re cheating but just need some proof to help you move on or confront them, you could hire a private detective in Surrey to get the proof you’re looking for.