Why the increase in numbers of Private Investigators?

It seems as though many people think snooping on their significant other’s Facebook page or checking their cell phone history makes them qualified to become a private investigator. The United Kingdom has recently experienced a huge boom in the number of PIs, and one big reason is that the proliferation of technology has made it a real cinch to check up on people.

According to one group, the number of Private Investigators in the UK has risen to 10,000, and firms in the country spent more than £5 million over the past few years on surveillance by outside organizations.

So why the big gains, and might this trend move overseas? Well, whether you’re looking for home improvement or disability lawyer information, it’s accessible on the Internet these days. That’s made many people think that they can play private investigator without any formal training. Because there is no requirement in the UK to get a license to be a private investigator just yet, people who otherwise might have pursued a different line of work feel it’s a snap to get into investigations.